Welcome to the Boulder Center for Conscious Community (BC3)

We invite you to be part of our unique community, where connection, belonging, and personal transformation happen naturally as you step in with your commitment to (re)discover and express your real self. The shared language, tools, and values of the BC3 community create a dynamic container that synergistically supports powerful actions, authentic expression, and miraculous lives. We at the Boulder Center know that we have a revolutionary paradigm that can address a new way of living. Our programming is diverse, but boils down to some core ideals . . . how to live in integrity, authentically, passionately . . . how to create thriving relationships, connections of co-creativity and true power.

We rely on many tools of consciousness that support our community to live in integrity, appreciation, and love. Explore the website and discover all of the ways you can jump into this ever-growing community.

Make a connection at BC3 and step into an oasis of creativity, play and aliveness!